Palestine Chess Club - Kickoff Session

Sunday, April 25, 2021 - 2:00pm   to   3:00pm



It is my privilege to invite you to Palestine Chess Club. Beginning Sunday, April 25th, at 2pm, in 5M parlor, I will be hosting a monthly chess class. Fourth Sunday of every month we will explore tournament chess. Bring a friend, chess is easier to master in pairs. This event is open to family members and non-masonic acquaintances 7 years old and up. Interested parties should RSVP by Friday, March 19th, so that sufficient materials may be made available. RSVP's should be sent to , and need to include the number of people in your party, RSVP's after should be done by phone, 313-938-0378, and boards for late response may not be available til second class. Each person will need to bring a notebook, pens and pencils. I will provide tournament chess boards. I will not charge for instruction, but donations to Palestine Lodge, if you are able, are acceptable. You may bring your own non-alcoholic refreshments and snacks, or Palestine will provide water and soda at a small price.

WB Shawn McCormick


500 Temple St, Detroit, MI 48201-2659